We offer more than 15 years experience in the area of clinical trials of medicinal products:


š Site selection (evaluation visits)
š Trial preparation (submission to Competent Authority and Ethics Committees)

š Project Management (site initiation, organisation of investigator meetings, contracts, etc.)

š Monitoring at sites

š Site closures



Please find below a list of therapeutic areas where multicenter trials in Austria, Germany,

Switzerland and France had and still have been overseen:


Cardiology: thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction, high blood pressure
300 patients)


Neurology/Psychiatry: apoplexy, schizophrenia, epilepsy, Alzheimer´s disease

(> 350 patients)


Immunology/Infectiology: HIV, liver transplantation
(< 20 patients)


Oncology: mammary cancer, renal cell carcinoma

(> 100 patients)


Nephrology: polycystic kidney disease

(< 20 patients)


Dermatology: psoriasis, seborrhoic dermatitis

(> 40 patients)


Pulmology: pulmonary contusion in chest trauma patients

(> 10 patients)


Orthopedics: cartilage autograft implantation system (knee) - medical device

(> 20 patients)


Metabolic syndrom: diabetes

(> 40 patients)